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Thomson Drop Piece Technique

femaile chiro adjusts backThe Thompson Drop Piece Technique is a sophisticated system of analysis and a gentle method of adjusting the spine, ensuring precise corrections while prioritising patient comfort.

The uniqueness and efficacy of the Thompson Technique led to the founder, Dr. J. Clay Thompson, being granted a patent in 1955. Since then, its precision and outstanding patient outcomes have made it a widely utilised method worldwide.

Offering Adjusting Precision and Comfort

Chiropractors using the Thompson Technique initially observed that spinal misalignments often manifested as differences in leg length. By systematically comparing leg lengths while the patient turned their head, the doctors could pinpoint the location of the subluxations in the upper, middle or lower back.

The Advantages Of Our Special Drop-Piece Table

Patients are introduced to the specialised segmental “drop” table when our doctors use the Thompson Technique. This innovative table gently lowers you into a horizontal position, preserving any leg length discrepancies.

The table’s individual cushions, or “drop pieces,” strategically positioned along its surface, support each spinal segment until the adjustment is delivered, causing these drop pieces to yield, reducing the force required to adjust a specific spinal segment.

What Makes This Method Different?

Several factors make the Thompson Drop Piece Technique stand out from the others. including

  • Leg Check Analysis — the technique incorporates a thorough leg check analysis in addition to the adjustment procedures, enhancing its precision.
  • Suitability for All Ages — this method is suitable for patients of all ages, including children and seniors, due to the table’s unique “weighing” system. The drop pieces are set slightly heavier than the patient’s body weight, ensuring gentle yet successful adjustments.
  • Integration with Other Methods — like many chiropractic methods, this technique can seamlessly integrate with other natural healing modalities for comprehensive care.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Adjustment

Ready to experience the precision and comfort of the Thompson Technique? Contact our practice today to schedule your appointment!


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