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New Patients at Barham Chiropractic

We look forward to welcoming you to Barham Chiropractic! If you’ve had any recent imaging done, please bring the reports with you.

Your First Visit

No matter which of our offices you visit, you’ll be greeted with a smile by our friendly staff. They’ll help you complete a new patient form and make you feel right at home.

Then you’ll meet with your chiropractor, who will take the time to talk with you about your current condition as well as your overall health history and what you hope to achieve through care. We’ll conduct a thorough examination, including physical and chiropractic assessments as well as motion X-rays to confirm your diagnosis.

Please allow approximately 45 minutes for this visit.
doctor talking with patient

Your Second Visit

Prior to your next appointment, your chiropractor will analyse the results of your images and exams and write up a full report for you. When you come in for your follow-up visit, they will explain all of their findings and let you know what it will take for you to get better – including how our care may help, as well as what you’ll need to do to achieve your goals.

We’ll explain your treatment plan, how often we’ll need to see you and the costs involved. We’ll answer all of your questions and obtain your agreement before proceeding. Then, if you’re ready to begin, you’ll receive your first adjustment at this visit.

The duration of this visit is also about 45 minutes.

Ongoing Care

We conduct progress exams periodically to ensure that you’re on track towards your goals. At the end of the third month of treatment, we do a complete re-examination (including X-rays) so you can objectively see the difference in your health and function. There are no additional fees for these progress exams.

Getting Started

Contact us today to book your first appointment. Our opening hours include late nights and Saturday trading. We have both male and female chiropractors for patients who have a preference.



New Patients at Barham Chiropractic | (07) 4632 1611