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Pregnancy Chiropractic

pregnant person with hands on tummyWhen you’re pregnant, your body is going through a wild ride! Many changes occur in a very short span of time, resulting in alterations to your physical structure, weight, centre of gravity, hormones, ligaments and more. All of these changes can result in discomfort, pain and mobility limitations and may affect your enjoyment of life.

Our Barham Chiropractic chiropractors want to help you enjoy this special time as much as possible. Trained and experienced in care for pregnant women, we offer gentle methods customised to your specific needs and goals.

Benefits of Care

Our gentle, low-force techniques may help restore optimal alignment and function to your spine and relieve the physical stress that causes discomfort. You’re under less stress when you’re more comfortable and can move with great ease. Less stress is good for both you and your baby – in fact, research has shown that women who receive regular chiropractic care during their pregnancy experience shorter labours and delivery times, with fewer medical interventions.
chiropractic adjusting table

Our Approach

We focus on education: explaining the physiological changes your body is going through and how these changes affect your biomechanics. We conduct a thorough examination (we do not X-ray pregnant women) and design a plan to relieve your symptoms and keep you feeling, functioning and moving your best.

Our offices are equipped with the most advanced treatment tables so that we can provide you with care that’s comfortable, whether you’re in your first trimester or almost ready to deliver.

Naturally, we encourage you to continue with treatments after your baby comes, so we can help relieve the tension in your neck and upper back that comes with carrying and feeding your little one. And we offer gentle care for newborns as well to help get them off to a great start in life.

Female Chiropractors

Some of our pregnant patients prefer to see a female practitioner, and we understand that. We have both male and female chiropractors at all our locations to suit your individual preferences.

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