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Our Signature Scented Candles

Barham candle

We hope you enjoy your Barham Signature Candle, and you use it as part of your sleep ritual.

Our ‘Signature’ combination of Lemon Myrtle, Clean Ozonic, Bergamot, Osmanthus, Geranium and Vanilla Bean is designed to create the tranquillity and soothing experience of sitting by a wood fire on a winters evening.

Sleep is as vital as food and as refreshing as water. It improves our thinking, makes us more positive and happier and our skin glow.

Make your bedroom a retreat, a haven for rest. Get ready for bed an hour earlier. Get the room temperature right (18degs), put away devices, have a hot shower, light your candle, read a book, pull the curtains and make the room dark.

For more information on our candles, sleep or mindfulness, please give us a call or ask at your next appointment.

The Barham Chiropractic Team


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